Against the trend that the domestic production has been shifted to overseas, our products, the brand of EARTH MONSTER are proudly made in Japan(except for a few fashion items). Sticking to Japan made is our basic philosophy to have quality products for those people who know the best.

We do welcome business from overseas customers who wish to have our products. Please place your orders simply e-maing us to We ship our products to anywhere in the world via EMS or any other available ways.

Any orders shipping to an international destination must be paid with bank TT. Credit cards are not accepted.

Please allow additional time for international orders to be processed. Delays in transporting goods may occur due to customs clearance or other circumstances beyond our control. Once your order leaves us, we can't be responsible for delays in transportation, customs clearance, etc.

Customers are wholly responsible for payment of all duties and taxes, which are typically charged on the receiving end of a shipment. Duties and taxes are determined by the customs department of each country and vary depending on the value of goods shipped. We are not able to provide customers with an estimate of duties and taxes that may be incurred.

For any questions and concerns about our products, please feel free to contact us e-mailing to